Amazon rolls out Just Walk Out technology to hospitals, with ‘badge pay’ for doctors, nurses, and health care staff

January 18, 2024 - St. Joseph’s/Candler and its foodservice partner Morrison Healthcare recently announced that Candler Hospital will be the first hospital in the U.S. to offer Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology. St. Joseph’s/Candler is also the first Just Walk Out technology-enabled store with employee badge pay, allowing employees to use their badge to make purchases.

“Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology supports our smart medicine strategy by providing high tech solutions to our patients, visitors and co-workers, even with food service,” said Paul P. Hinchey, President and CEO of St. Joseph’s/Candler. “With this technology, Candler Hospital co-workers needing a quick snack or a meal during the third shift, as well as visitors taking care of friends or family members, have a convenient way to purchase the meals, snacks, and drinks they need so they can quickly get back to their loved ones. Once we evaluate its impact post launch, we will determine how this technology might be utilized on our other campuses.”

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